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Arable Services 

Sussex Agri Power Ltd Contractors have invested in the latest and most cost efficient arable machinery and agricultural plant to maintain your fields. Contracting out arable services such as harvesting, fertilising and cultivation can save you time and avoid heavy investment in machinery which will be under utilised.


Shown above is a New Holland CX8070 with a 24 foot header and GPS yield mapping.

Power Harrow Seed Drill Comination at work on Sussex farm land.

Highly versatile and efficient Horsch CO6 Sprinter Drill capable of high work rates with an excellent ability to cope with trash whilst still maintaining soil to seed contact.

6 Furrow Dowdeswell Plough.

6 Furrow Dowdeswell Plough and Front Press.

Kuhn Hr 6003 DR Power Harrow.

4 meter Kockerling Quadro Stubble Cultivator. 

Self Propelled Bateman Sprayers, 24m and 30m boom - spray boom levelling, GPS, auto section on/off, Low Ground Pressure / High Clearance.

Quad Bike for spraying or slug pelletting - handy for boundary spraying.

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